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May 11, 2010 Leave a comment

For the first time in nearly three months, I’m able to run again.  And it feels great.

I ran a whole bunch in high school, doing both track and cross country for 3-ish years.  As I got into college, I stopped running on its own, but still got a lot of it in during outdoor Frisbee games.  Unfortunately, here in New Zealand, outdoor Frisbee isn’t very common, especially since we’re entering indoor season.

I started running again my first week here.  The scenery down by the harbor is gorgeous, and it’s very open and not too populated most of the day.  You could run for literally as far as you want (up to probably 100 miles), but you can’t really get a loop in for anything less than 10 miles and have to backtrack.


During my South Island adventure with Lena, we climbed a mountain that was basically just hundreds of stairs straight up.  I didn’t feel anything at the time, but I’m pretty sure this is when I strained my Achille’s tendon.  Over the next few days, my left ankle started to bother me, but I figured it was just the fact that I’d been wearing my hiking boots too much.  (After all, I’d had trouble with hiking boots in the past.)

When I got back home I rested a few days, and then tried going for another run down by the harbor.  Within a few minutes, my ankle was throbbing.  I went back home, took some Advil, iced it, and took two weeks off.

Two weeks later, my ankle was feeling great.  There was no soreness in it at all, and I thought I had healed.  I went for an 8k run up into Karori.  There’s some hills, but nothing too terrible.  And it felt great.  I had no problems the entire run, and got home feeling great.


Allenby Terrace, the 20-stories of stairs between me and the city

But the next morning, my ankle was worse than what it was before.  It was swollen pretty badly, and I had to take Advil just to walk.  Kat finally convinced me to make a doctor’s appointment.

Of course, by the time they were able to fit me in, my ankle had “healed” again.  It was still a tiny bit sore when going up large flights of stairs (of which Wellington has many), but otherwise had no problem.  The doctor told me, as I had done before, to wait it out.

And so I did.  For three weeks this time.

After three weeks of nearly no strenuous activity (no major hikes, no running, and only very light, short jogging in Frisbee), I decided to go for a very easy 5k run down at the harbor.  Once again, within 10 minutes my ankle was acting up.  UGH.

Back to the doctor, I was told that I should check out physical therapy.  Nothing major, just minor exercises to get slowly back into using my ankle.  Unfortunately, I had to put that on hold because I left the next morning for my two week North Island trip.

Throughout the trip, I had zero problems with my ankle.  It even help up to the 19km hike of Tongariro (including the extra 2km up gravel paths to Tongariro’s summit).  Maybe I’d just wait it out again and not worry about physio…

So I did.  School caught up with me, so I didn’t really have much time to think about running anyway.  I did a little bit of very short running in Frisbee, as always, and never thought about my ankle at all.  Even with Taranaki, the fairly brutal, nearly straight-up hike, I was golden.

And so here I am today.  This morning, I decided to give it another go.  I ran down The Terrace to Parliament, along the Harbor to Oriental Bay, and then back up half of the 20-stories worth of stairs that make up Allenby Terrace.  6.5km and I feel great.  It’s nice to have my body back!