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Day 1: Bus Ride

April 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Wednesday, 31 March, 2010:

11 hours is a long time on a bus.

InterCity Bus

The double decker bus I took up to Auckland

I woke up at six to a phone call from Kat (since I haven’t been hearing my alarm lately) and walked down to the rail station to catch my bus.  The Intercity bus was a double decker, and I was able to snag a seat at the front of the top, giving me a great view.  I even got the two seats in my row to myself for most of the trip, except for 30 minutes when a 350-pound man sat next to me.  That was uncomfortable.

I read, did a little trip planning, but mostly watched a lot of Friends during the bus ride.  It was a bit stuffy and I got a little sunburnt sitting in the sun all day, but otherwise the trip passed surprisingly quickly.

Small farm near the cafe we stopped at on the busride to Auckland

I got to Auckland and walked to my hostel, the YHA.  The common areas were nice, with a huge kitchen, but the bedroom itself was very stuffy.  Just as in Christchurch, I shared with 7 other guys.

I grabbed some food at a Kroean restaurant.  I had BBQ squid and pork, though it wasn’t nearly as tasty as the squid from Mum’s in Christchurch.  Afterwards, I walked around for a bit, taking a few pictures, but otherwise feeling very nervous.  I didn’t get much sleep last night, so I was tired, and cities always make me a little nervous, especially when I’m by myself.

I’m not really sure why cities make me so nervous.  I guess growing up in a suburb has had more effect on me than I realize.  Still, it’s not that I feel unsafe.  Instead, I feel confined and uncomfortabole, like I can’t find anywhere to stop and catch my breath.  I felt the same way about Christchurch, though there I at least found a garden and was able to sprawl out beneath a tree and read.  I’m sure Auckland had a garden, too, but it’s something I’d rather avoid in the dark.


Skycity, the heart of Auckland

[Edit: Talking to people later in the trip, I found out that none of the other travelers seem to like Auckland too much, either.  It’s dirty and just doesn’t fit the feeling that the rest of New Zealand has.]

I eventually ended up in an Internet cafe, trying to calm my nerves by surfing Facebook.  IT didn’t work, so I went back to the hostel and called Lena, and then Kat.  While it helped  a little, I know what I really need is some sleep.  It’s only 10:00 pm, but I am dead tired.  Hopefully I’ll be better in the morning.

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