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Bridle vs. Bridle vs. Bridle

Via Flickr:
One thing I’ve noticed about living in Calgary is the number of roads that are extremely similar in name. In any other place I’ve lived if someone says "I live in Pittsburgh on Forbes," you usually know what they’re talking about. Here in Calgary, though, if you say you live on "Bridleridge," you have specify whether that’s Bridleridge Road, Circle, Boulevard, Road, Manor, etc. And that’s not to mention the confusion with Bridleglen, Bridlewood, Bridlecrest, Bridlerange… It just seems to me that someone got far too lazy when naming streets, and it just causes a ton of confusion if you don’t know precisely what you’re talking about. (On another note, it was 16 C out today (61 F) and we were able to go for a walk outside. Tomorrow it’s supposed to snow 25 cm (just under a foot).)

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