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365 Project

February 2, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

So my life’s been pretty much everywhere recently.  I graduated from Penn State last May.  I took a trip to Alaska with my friends, and then spent the summer in Calgary with Kat.  In September, I started into the PhD program in medical physics at the University of Chicago.  After a few months, I had to leave the program due to some personal issues.

But things are looking up!  Kat just got a job, and I applied to some new medical physics programs in Canada.  We also just got an apartment up in Calgary.

But to expedite things, I’m going to jump right into my version of the 365 project.  The 365 project involves taking a picture every day.  Different variations exist, but for mine, I have to be in the picture each day–at least some part of me.  I realize I’m a few years and a month later for this, but I figure better late than never.  Now I can’t promise I’ll upload my picture each day, but I will take the photo each day, and upload at least once a week (assuming I can get internet sometime that week).

I’m into day 4 so far, so I’ll go ahead and post everything I’ve got so far!  Enjoy!

Crusty Bread

I've been cooking a lot of bread recently, partly because it's so much cheaper than buying it at the store, and partly because having warm bread come fresh out of the oven is a sensory delight. I most make loaves from the book "Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day" by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois, but I've found that my breads often come out a little dense and chewy. For this loaf, I altered the recipe a little by allowing longer rise times, and then treating it with an egg wash before baking. The result was exactly what I was looking for -- a bread that was fluffy on the inside, but crunchy and tasty on the outside.

Crusty Bread

If I don't eat often enough, my body gets a little out of whack, and I have to munch on something to quickly get myself back in the right mind. Here I'm snacking on a block of peanut butter fudge that I got for Christmas. Not the healthiest treat, but enough to hold me off for the hour or so until dinner.

Crusty Bread

Today, I ate my first egg in three months. Though I used to eat eggs regularly, often daily, three months ago I started getting sudden stomach pains everytime I would eat one. I felt as though someone was stabbing me and twisting the knife in circles in some sort of sick, egg-filled torture. So, naturally, I stopped. I decided to retry them today, and to my delight, there was no pain. Welcome back, eggs!

Crusty Bread

Prior to university, I played piano on a regular basis, first on a Lester from the 1950s. Right before I went off to Penn State, I got spoiled with a baby grand Kawai, but had to leave it behind for obvious reasons. Since then, my playing has become very sporadic, playing here and there on whatever piano I could scrounge up. Recently, I got hold of my dad's old Roland EP-50, a 76-key keyboard with weighted keys. Despite it being from 1985, the action on the piano is great, but the sound is horrendous. There are only 3 piano sounds available, and all sound like a dying organ mixed with a robotic banjo. To fix this, I connected the keyboard by midi-to-USB to my laptop and ran it through Cakewalk Sonar X1 software to produce perfect piano sound. This, combined with my recently digitized sheet music collection brings back the piano playing I've missed.

  1. Genna
    February 3, 2012 at 2:27 am

    Love this! Congratulations on your apartment, your move, your life “together”–finally! Safe trip and lots of love!!!!!!!

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