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Hell Week is almost over

With a lab report turned in and 6 out of 10 lectures studied, I only have 4 more lectures and a short essay left to ring out this week. Blah.

On the good news side of things, I found out that my biology course is actually interesting when my professor isn’t teaching it. My professor (whose name I will withhold) is probably the most boring lecturer I’ve ever had. I rarely attend class anymore because he’s so monotonous. But while going back and studying this stuff, I found I’m really getting into the material. I think that’s probably the first time this has ever happened–usually my professors are great at making dull material seem interesting.
While studying, I randomly stumbled across the Sonic Hedgehog protein, a protein in hedgehogs that was actually named after the video game character. The protein itself isn’t very interesting, but I thought it was a cool name. (And the reason I have a giant Sonic on this post.)
This weekend is pretty empty (with the exception of a Hurricanes rugby match, hopefully), and I should be able to get some sweet pictures around the city. For living here, I really haven’t taken many pictures. I guess that’s the problem with wherever you live. Despite how awesome it may be to other people, when you live there it’s just part of the norm. It’s for the same reason I don’t really take pictures around Moon or State College. That, and Moon is really, really dull.
I will make a resolution now: by the end of this weekend (that is, Sunday 28 March, 2010 23:59 GMT+13–ie. Sunday at 7am for most of you), I will have a new blog layout that is much more attractive than this tacky late 90s beige and blue I have going on.
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