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All the Single Ladies

I just listened to the Lord of the Rings soundtracks for 4 hours. At least. And it’s the first time in a long time that I’ve actually been able to get any work done here.

I guess I’ve been so used to no class and such that I forgot how to do schoolwork or study. (Heck, I don’t even have my first exam until this Friday, which makes nearly 3.5 months of no exams.) Even for the first few weeks, I had pictures and my blog to distract me, trying to catch up with all of the pictures I had taken. And I’ve recently rediscovered Friends and watched 10 episodes yesterday. (Don’t judge.)
But today, something clicked.
I was sitting in my Religion class (Trance, Ecstasy, and Meditation) learning about Yoga and its methods of meditation. My professor was talking about all the distractions that are in our lives, mentioning how it’s not just a modern thing–even ancient Indian manuscripts mention that people had trouble concentrating their minds on one task. At any rate, it just hit me that I need to concentrate on one thing, and for once I actually did. I sat and wrote my physics lab report for at least 4 hours. And it felt great to actually accomplish something for once!
Sorry to bore you with this, but this week is not fun: physics lab report due tomorrow evening, biology exam Friday morning, and Religion essay due Friday evening. Now that I started making headway, hopefully I’ll continue. Wish me luck!
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