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Red Rocks Hike

And we are to the last of my exciting New Zealand trips. After this, I’ll actually have to try to make my blog interesting, instead of just jumping to old pictures I have.

Last Saturday Lena, John, Ricky, and I (all Penn Staters) went off to do the Coastal Track to the Red Rocks, a nearby hike that starts in Island Bay. We hopped on a bus, which dropped us off in the wrong location, so we ended up walking about 45 minutes past where we should have. We went through a children’s play area (with one of the biggest slides I’ve ever seen!) and found our way to the coast.
It was gorgeous. I still cannot get over how clean and clear all of the water is here–rivers, lakes, oceans–everything. It was pretty windy, but warm enough to work up a decent sweat throughout the day. We climbed lots of rocks, took lots of pictures, and even passed a few seals (including the not-quite-fully decomposed remains of one).
Full Set: Red Rocks Hike
The waves down here were huge. No longer shielded by the Wellington Bay, the waves are able to smash up against the young rock with their full fury.
Lots of areas to sit and just enjoy the ocean. You could go up to 100 yards out into the ocean in some of the places because of all the closely placed rocks.
The actual Red Rocks only took up a small area, but were pretty stunning nonetheless. And yes, the water actually was that color; the contrast with the rocks was unbelievable.
This was, by far, the biggest rock we climbed while we were here. John didn’t get any further up than where he is in this picture from this angle, but we were able to go around the other side and make it up to the top. It was a bit nerve-wracking, but the view was totally worth it. (Sadly, I didn’t take my camera up for fear of scratching it on the climb.)
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