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Karori Sanctuary

Two weekends ago, Lena, Ritu, and I took a trip to the Karori Sanctuary, a bird and wildlife preserve about 15 minutes from our apartment. Huge inside and surrounded by a fence the likes of Jurassic Park, the sanctuary provides home to many species of birds, reptiles, and insects that are endangered in other parts of the country. Mammals, however, are strictly forbidden.

Walking paths will only take you about 1/3 of the way through the park, and tramping trails make up the rest. Species range from the famous Kiwi bird (which only comes out at night), to the reptilian Tuartara, to the most disgusting insect you will ever see–the Weta.
The Full Set: Karori Sanctuary
The Wellington Green Gecko. Only found in Wellington and very endangered, it is illegal to possess this animal as a pet.
Inside an abandoned gold mine, our path was lit by only faint red flashlights. White light would disturb the many Weta clinging onto the walls, which would proceed to jump all over us.
The Kaka bird. About the size and style of the parrot, the Kaka was very people friendly. It flew right overhead and would feed from oversized bird feeders right next to large tour group.
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    Hello! Thanks for the comment! I did join the group and added a few pictures to the pool.I'm just curious–how did you find my blog?

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