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I woke up this morning and lazed around for a little bit. Felt like reading, so I stayed in bed and read Many Waters for about an hour. It’s a children’s book (I think) and the writing isn’t great, but it’s fairly interesting/fun nonetheless.

I went downstairs to find all of my roommates about to leave for the day. Jamie and Gill were doing the Red Rocks Coastal Hike that I did last weekend (and will have pictures up tomorrow). Greg was doing the inland Red Rocks hike, a total of about 20 km. Moritz was already gone, probably to the library to get some work done.
So what does one do when the apartment is empty? Cleaning Frenzy!!
That’s right, I went absolutely nuts (in the same sense of Nicolas Cage in Matchstick Men, which Lena and I watched last night). Scrubbed the entire kitchen, including behind the stove, mopped, vacuumed… Our place was a pig sty, and it was bugging me.
So, with a nice clean apartment, I figured I’d take some pictures and show you around the place. If you go onto Flickr and go through the set, you can read some fancy notes I put in! But since you’re lazy, you can just watch the Slideshow below without the notes. (Didn’t get any pictures of the flatmates’ rooms because that would be a little creepy).
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