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The First Week Here

Now that I’ve finished going through my crazy South Island Trip, I’m going to take a moment to catch back up.

We were barely here a week when I was whisked away on that journey. I didn’t have a chance to get through any of my pictures (except for a select few that I managed to sneak around the frustrating Internet here). Since then, I’ve figured out ways to get my pictures up (whether it is using the old uploader, using a campus computer in the library, or just sitting in the Quad with my laptop and using the Internet.

So without further ado, here’s the four albums that comprise my first week in Wellington.


We picked up some chocolate, partially to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and partially just because chocolate is delicious.


  • First Day in Wellington: A few pictures heading down to Welli for the first time. Looking back, I took pictures of rather silly things, but they were new and exciting at the time. (Slideshow)

There’s quite a bit of graffiti, especially along Allenby Terrace, the path we take down to the city.


The harbor at Oriental Bay.


  • Mt. Victoria Hike: The biggest mountain in Wellington (which isn’t a mountain so much as a hill) is Mt. Victoria. It seperates the main city from some of the other outlying areas (including the airport). We took the short climb up, paused at some lookouts, and then came down to walk along Oriental Bay. Sadly, it was overcast so I wasn’t able to get any cool city shots. (Slideshow)

A seagull down in Oriental Bay.

Two more albums to come soon, and then I’ll actually be caught up with real time!

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