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Day 6: Christchurch

And then there was Christchurch. One of the biggest cities in the country (and certainly the biggest city on the South Island), Christchurch reminded me much more of an American city than did Wellington. I can’t speak for Auckland, the third of the major cities, since I haven’t been there yet, save transferring through their airport.

We took our day in Christchurch to be more a relaxing. Lena and I split up for the day and went our separate ways to explore the city. Of course, since the main part of the city is pretty small, we ended up running into each other a few times anyway.

Since we didn’t do anything too terribly exciting (lots of walking, sitting, and reading), I’ll let my pictures do the talking this time.

Coachman Backpackers: our hostel
A church in the middle of the main square. It was pretty impressive, especially in New Zealand where the churches aren’t nearly as big as in Europe.
The main square in Christchurch. There were lots of flea market-style food and clothing stands all day long.

There was a giant chess set in the middle of the town square. People came throughout the day and would pick up and play the game. Never watched a full game, but they seemed to get pretty in to it.

Delicious bratwurst that I got from a German sausage vendor: run by a real German

A random stream/creek/river that ran through town and the park. There were “punters” that ran through, kind of like the gondolas in venice.

In the center of town, surrounded by a bunch of new, modern looking buildings, was this random lot, looking so derelict.
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