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Day 3: Glenorchy & Kinloch

February 1, 2010

We woke up in our car on Moke Lake absolutely swarming with bugs. There aren’t too many mosquitoes in the area, but the gnats are everywhere, and they’re terribly annoying. They bite, they attack your eyes and ears, and are generally just pests. Anyway, with our windows cracked so we didn’t burn up at night, they managed to invade our car completely. We got up and out of the car as quickly as we could to get away from them.

After a bit of a hike around the area (running into an old man who though we were just too cute sitting on the hill and had to take a picture), we packed up and were on our way. We continued to drive the winding road from Queenstown to Glenorchy, with awesome views of the lake at times.

At one point, we saw a sign for “tea, coffee, and garden.” Lena really wanted tea, so we turned around and had a look. Oh. My. Gosh. The garden, “Little Paradise“, was absolutely amazing. The only way I could describe it is that I felt as though I was in the Garden of Eden. Every flower was arranged just so, and all in perfect bloom. There were fruit trees everywhere with perfectly ripe fruit. Ponds, fountains, and streams were plentiful. There was even a tree in the center of the garden surrounded by a large cage, almost like the forbidden fruit. (It ended up being the home to a very interesting bird–colorful like a parrot, but about the size and build of a chicken.)

After gawking at the garden for about 2 hours, we continued on our way. We didn’t find much in terms of a town once we got to Glenorchy–just a general store and a few houses. The general store, though, did have the main item we needed: a can opener. We picked that up, and then continued on to Kinloch, where our campsite would be.

After a 20 minute drive on a back gravel road (where I took the freedom do to some drifting around the curves, much to Lena’s dismay), we arrived at a little corner of the lake. There was an inn that had real bathrooms that you could use if you were sneaky, though we were supposed to be stuck with a porta-potty.

Either way, the surroundings were awesome. A lake right by us, mountains in the distance, and even glaciers in the far distance. What could be more perfect? We attempted to cook dinner, consisting of packaged soup mix and tomatoes. Unfortunately, we didn’t think things through very well and ended up losing half the soup into the fire when our cooking structure collapsed. We got a bit antsy and didn’t feel like keeping the fire up, so the soup ended up a little under cooked. Not the best meal I’ve had, but definitely an interesting experience.

We met a German backpacker at the campsite. He was in New Zealand for a six-month journey, and was in his last month, only having to explore Fiordland still. He starting telling us how he was actually ready “to go back to Europe where you actually have to search for beauty. Here’s it’s just ‘oh, a beautiful mountain; oh, an amazing glacier.’ You actually get a bit tired of it after a while.” He then told us how he actually got “physically ill” from how intensely pink a sunset he witnessed was. Obviously he was being a bit dramatic, but it’s an interesting concept nonetheless.

The rest of the night was very relaxing. We read for a little bit, and then I went off on a walk. I stayed along the coast of the lake, fighting brush and climbing over rocks. I got to take part in my new favorite activity: rock running. It’s just like it sounds, running full sprint across rocks and other interesting terrain. Almost like extreme cross country. It’s just fun having to decide split second which footing to take and how to adjust your path. You can’t use the same stride length every time, and it’s exhilarating knowing you’re only one small misstep away from a complete wipeout.

As I was walking back, I happened to look across the lake and noticed that the clouds has parted just enough to give way to the sun for sunset. While sunset was actually the opposite side of where we could see, the light from the evening sun hit perfectly on the mountains across. I pulled out my camera and was able to shoot an incredible panorama.

Feel free to click on the image to get a much bigger, fuller view.

I got back, and we went to sleep shortly after sunset.

NOTE! Some of these pictures haven’t been discussed yet. Feel free to look through them, but I’ll still be posting a full story behind them later this week.

  1. March 9, 2010 at 5:12 pm

    I always thought breathtaking was a corny adjective, but it is seriously the only thing that comes to mind when I flip through your pics. The combination of the scenery, your fancy camera, and your incredible eye are blowing me away. I think you've officially gone pro.

  2. March 9, 2010 at 5:51 pm

    Thanks Gennafer. That means a lot to me =)Now you just need to get your butt down here and enjoy it yourself!

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