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I’ve always talked about jumping out of a plane. A lot of people like to imagine what it would be like, but very few people actually go and do it. A few months ago, Steve asked, “Hey, anyone want to go skydiving?” He was surprised when a lot of people actually said yes.

Originally, there were supposed to be six of us going: me, Dave, Steve, Lauren K, Steph, and Jim (Steve’s friend from home). Dave’s paranoid mother didn’t let him, though, but the other five of us were totally up for it.

We woke up early on the Blue and White weekend to head out to the Mifflin County Airport in central PA. The airport was tiny; there were only 5 parking spots in the parking lot. When we got inside for training, we were greeted by a dusty old building. Steph became a bit paranoid when she saw the plane outside. The pilot was dragging it by the propeller to fuel it up.

I’d go into more detail, but I think the pictures I took speak louder than anything I can say about the experience. Click for a link to the rest of the album.


The whole experience was awesome. I got a little nauseous on the way up because the plane was so small it was thrown around in the wind. When I jumped out, though, it was just instant thrill. The wind rushing past and the thought that you’re 2 miles, but only 60 seconds, from the ground was crazy.

After my chute opened up, things slowed down and I was able to talk to the instructor I had strapped to my back. We did a few corkscrews and turns, and then we landed.

The whole experience lasted only 5 minutes, and it felt like a dream by the next day. Still, I would highly recommend giving it a try at least once in your life. It was a little expensive, but the price was worth the fact that it was one of the coolest experiences of my life.

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