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Josh Ritter

Josh Ritter, a folk/rock singer/songwriter, recently played at the State Theatre up here in State College. According to Wikipedia, Ritter was inspired by Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. Though he definitely looks like a country boy, it’s only slightly apparent in his playing.

The concert itself was absolutely fantastic. Going in, I’d heard a few Josh Ritter songs, but really had little prior knowledge. He was, by far, the happiest, more energetic person I have ever met. In between every song, he’d jump up and down like a little kid going to Disney World. He was constantly saying “Wow, thank you guys SO much for coming tonight! This is so great!” And he was genuine, too.

He played for about an hour and a half, most of the time with a full band (drums, bass, keyboards, and another guitar). Josh himself played guitar and sung. At one point, the band left, he unplugged his amp and mic and played Girl in the War completely unplugged. It was fantastic.

One of my favorite songs was a newer song called “To the Dogs or Whoever.” Watch it below.

Also, for the opening act, Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers played. They were pretty good, and she sounded a bit like Feist.

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