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Wine by Brandon Koger
Wine, a photo by Brandon Koger on Flickr.

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Apothic Red wine with our polenta with mushroom and sausage ragut



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Prometheus by Brandon Koger
Prometheus, a photo by Brandon Koger on Flickr.

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Today, Kat’s gym was celebrating their anniversary of being opened and handing out door prizes. Kat ended up getting two free movie passes for tonight only, so we went to see Prometheus. Despite the overall positive reviews of the movie, both Kat and I were pretty disappointed. The plot was slow, some elements seemed completely out of place, and the script felt very cheesy.

Too many SLRs

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Too many SLRs by Brandon Koger
Too many SLRs, a photo by Brandon Koger on Flickr.


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Tada! by Brandon Koger
Tada!, a photo by Brandon Koger on Flickr.

Brandon in Fish Creek

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Brandon in Fish Creek by Brandon Koger
Brandon in Fish Creek, a photo by Brandon Koger on Flickr.

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Standing by the pond near the Marshall Creek entrance to Fish Creek

More 365 Project

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It’s been over 45 days since I last posted photos, so I’ve got a nice collection to share.  I’ve put some of my favorites below (including a few not from the 365 Project), but see the whole set here: 365 Set on Flickr.

Whipped Cream Fight

Trying to add a little more flavor to our key lime pie from 2 days previous, Kat and I made some whipped cream to add on top. Of course, a fight with it was bound to occur, and even the cat got caught up in it.

Honda Insight

Kat’s new car: a used 2010 Honda Insight hybrid. She got a pretty good deal on it from a friend at the dealership, and the money we save in gas over my old car almost pays for the car payments.

Frank Slide

Frank Slide is the site of a massive rock slide in southern Alberta. In the early 1900s, the town of Frank, AB was buried under 82 million tons of limestone, with nearly 100 of the town’s 600 residents being buried. Because of the magnitude of the slide, the bodies and wreckage were never recovered and remain under the rubble to this day.


I’ve finally taken the time to set up XBMC on my media center PC that’s connected to our TV, giving us a deliciously attractive way to organize our vast collection of television shows and movies. If you have an extra PC or laptop and a large media collection, I recommend taking a few hours to set up XBMC.

At Music in Motion

Here I am sitting in the front row at the Music in Motion marching band showcase, featuring marching bands from around Alberta. Since Kat spent much of her youth in the Calgary marching bands, we attend quite a few of these shows, and it makes for a pleasant afternoon. In the background is the world famous Calgary Stampede Showband.

Brandon and Puppies

These are two husky puppies that Kat and I were transporting from Red Deer to Calgary for AARCS (Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society). In addition to thse two puppies, we had 9 kittens and 2 older cats. Kat saw on Twitter that they were looking for someone to transport all these animals, and we figured it’d be a good way to give back (since we got Harry, our own cat, from AARCS). Plus, who can pass up having that much cute in one place?

Husky Pup II

Baby Kitten


Tonight we tried making kettle corn, but this photo seemed worthwhile over any of the photos with the actual popcorn.

Waiting for the Storm

On top of the hail, chinooks, and random bouts of cold that come with Calgary weather, tornadoes have been a problem in recent years. Tonight gave us the first huge storm of the season, with tornado warnings popping up around Calgary (though never actually in our area). We turned off all the lights in the house and sat in front of the windows watching the storm.

Iced Tea in the Afternoon

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It’s one of the first nice days out of the year here in Calgary. Kat and I were out in the front yard planting some potted plants. It’s a little early to plant, I know, but we’re going to start them out inside and go from there.